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    1. 企業簡介

      Company profile



      本公司專業生產AV型同芯插座、WP型外接線插座、PSZ接線柱插座,D-S端子,電源開關、插座,連接器等,產品廣泛應用于影像、音響、通訊、電腦、家用電器及其它電子設備。 本公司技術力量雄厚,生產檢測設備齊全;擁有一批從事新產品研制開發的工程人員和精工制作的生產隊伍,并采用全面質量管理。以優越質量和滿意的服務,贏得廣大客戶一致好評。本公司生產的產品具有名、特、優、新、全的特色,產品質量深受客戶青睞,享有很高聲譽。公司堅持“以質量求生存,以科技求發展”的方針,以科技支撐、規模經營的戰略思想;以誠、德、信、優為宗旨,繼續奮斗、拼搏進取、再創佳績。并竭誠歡迎海內外同仁和廣大用戶光臨洽談和合作,共建鴻圖,同創輝煌。

      Zhejiang Zhongteng Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. Before its establishment, it was an electric kettle thermostat accessories processing plant which developed to own R&D team in the later stage, laying a solid foundation for the independent manufacture of electric kettle thermostat and coupler products. Now the company has a high-quality scientific research and technology team. They not only focus on the current technological innovation, but also focus on the sustainable development of human and society. They are at the leading level in the same industry in China. The company has more than 20 domestic and foreign views, utility models and invention patents, and has completely independent core technology and knowledge products. Right.

      The registered trademark of our company is Zhongteng brand. We are not only committed to becoming a professional first-class manufacturer, but also strive to establish our professional technology and research and development status. To win the trust, appreciation and support of customers with the concept of "innovation, integrity and service". With a keen sense of touch and flexible strategy, Zhongteng can keep abreast of changes in the market and con

      Yueqing Chunfeng Electronics Co., Ltd., the company is located in the "National Electronic Components Production Base", "National Precision Mold Manufacturing Base"-Yueqing City, traffic in all directions, convenient and fast transportation.

      The company specializes in the production of AV type socket, WP-type external socket, PSZ junction socket, D-S terminal, power switch, socket, connector, etc., products are widely used in imaging, audio, communications, computers, household appliances and other electronic equipment. The company has strong technical force, complete production and testing equipment; Has a group of engineering personnel engaged in the development of new products and the production team of Seiko production, and adopts total quality management. With superior quality and satisfactory service, won the general customer unanimous praise. The company produces products with famous, special, excellent, new and complete features, product quality is favored by customers and enjoys a high reputation. The company adheres to the principle of "survival by quality, development by science and technology", and the strategic idea of operating on a scale supported by science and technology; With sincerity, morality, faith, and excellence as the purpose, we will continue to strive, strive for progress, and make further achievements. And sincerely welcome colleagues at home and abroad and the majority of users to come to negotiate and cooperate, build a great plan, with the creation of brilliant.

      • 產品中心

        • AV系列

        • WP線夾

        • IF射頻

        • KFC輕觸開關系列

        • GQ光纖

        • DC/AC電源

        • DSW端子系列

        • SIM卡座系列

        • 壓接式連接器

        • FFC/FPC扁平電纜連接器

        • 6.35插口系列

        • 2.5/3.5插口系列

        • DIN插座系列

        • BY搖臂開關系列

        • PR門鎖開關系列

        • USB插座系列

        • QC保險絲管座系列

        • 2.5/3.5(SMT)插口系列

        • VGA插座系列

        • JSZ接線柱系列

        • 復位開關系列

        • KT電位器系列

        • MPS搖頭開關系列

        • SS撥動開關系列

        • KFT 微動開關系列

        • CS型21(42、11)芯插座

        • USB插座系列

        • PCB插口系列

        • LSA機芯葉片開關系列

        • XCK船形開關系列

        • KDC電源開關系列

        • KAN直鍵開關系列

        • PRC電源插座系列

        • 汽車配件系列

        • PSZ接線柱系列

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